Friday, September 3, 2010's been nice.

So Windy and I have had a LOVELY Summer off from running and training. It's been nice. Actually, we haven't been bored. We have been Babysitting! We have had our 'cousin' Stitches over about once a week all summer, and we also had our very young (but not small) friend Misty come over for a few weeks to learn to play.

At first Misty was very unsure of playing with Me and Windy but after just 3 weeks she was happy to come play at our house and graduated from her "confidence" course. 
This is Misty, in her favorite place - her porch.

Stiches is our cousin, she is a year old Pitt-bull that is petite and sweet as a button. Except when she steals my TOYS and puts them under the bed, where I can't reach them.  I'm sure she will continue to come play with us regularly.

Although Stitch is a Pit-Bull she bears a striking resemblence to her cousin Windy:

Windy is in the background, Stitch snuggled up in the foreground - Don't they just LOOK like cousins!?! 

As for me, I'm happy to be getting back to my training.

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