Monday, April 5, 2010

Catching up

Hi y'all!

Sorry I haven't written in so long but Mom and Dad have been busy on the computers the past few weeks, and I haven't been able to sneek on one to update you. Mom is busy with her FINAL EXAM...which sounds horrible, worse than going to the Vet! Hope I never have to have one. Dad's stuff is more interesting, it involves typing in all his recipes for his catering business. I like it when dad cooks, there's always lots of snacks and goodies and extra bones for us pups. Mmmm, I love dad's BBQ!

Other than that, we have been doing our regular running, and have a new foster buddy living here at the house.  His name is Osmar (Os) and you can read about him here - - Os is a really cool guy, he plays with me even tho he is older than Windy. He is super gentle and he never growls at me, even when I act like a puppy sometimes. The best part is, he is training me how to run like a REAL sled dog. Os has run on big teams in long races, and you'd never even know it cuz he's just an easy going kind of guy.

The first time Os, Windy and I went out pulling mom and dad on the scooters, I was paired with Os pulling Dad and Windy pulled Mom. Os is an easy pulling partner, since he's about my same size and pace, and I don't have to pull him along like I do Windy-snooze-butt. As we started up the hill, I glanced back and Windy was right on our tails! I was shocked, but I knew she would fade soon and settle into her usual smell-the-roses trot. Then, Dad, Os and I could tear up the trails by ourselves. Or so I thought! 4 miles later, she not only was still right on our tails, but she passed us! The two big sled dogs, got passed up on the last few turns by one tiny fiery red head! Man'o'man that little girl takes after her mom!

The next time we went out, all 3 of us pulled Dad. Windy pulled her weight and we all flew down all the trails, and dad didn't have to help on the hills at all. It was awesome...right up until Windy stopped to poop, and we all got tangled.

Here is a picture of Me (closest), Windy and Os (farside) pulling Mom and Dad on snowshoes.