Monday, June 21, 2010

Osmar Goes Home

If you noticed there were no Osmar Pics in the last Blog. 

Last week he found a forever home in Ketchum, ID. Keep chill Os we love you. 

And if you visit Sun Valley, stop by the pet shop and give him a head rub. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Paw Powered Camping

Here is a photo tour of My First Camping Trip.

We went to East Canyon State Park this weekend for my first camping trip:

Our Spot was really nice:
There was a creek and plenty of room for all the dogs. 

Dad went Fishing, and Mom made the bed in the car.  They made me sleep in the front seat. I was not impressed. My usual spot is between mom and dad but dad kept telling me there wasn't enough room. So I sat backwards in the chair and laid my head between the headrest and the door so, at least I could watch out the back window for boogie monsters. 

Then, Windy and I just hung out while Dad made a Fire. Here is one of  Dad and mom together at Dinner time.

The next morning Mom took us Bikejoring, while Dad made Breakfast Burritos. You can see how good we dig in and line out. We got to Run with our friends Kali and Koda. 


We had a nice run, and mom made us do our Obedience Exercises for our breakfast. I was really Hungry! After that mom left us tied to the fence while she ate breakfast. 
We got REALLY bored being tied to a fence, so Windy taught me how to chase mice in the field. First she showed me how to scout the mouses. Then to chase it into it's tunnel and how to Dig up the tunnel and get the mices. We had great fun and the people had a laugh or two when they were watching us.  We dug about 6 holes before mom said "that's enough" and moved us to the car. Then she filled in the holes with what dirt we could find, though most of it was on us, as you can see from my picture at the top and Windy's below. 

Finally, we were tired: