Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving in Circles

WHOA!!! Can you believe it's been 7 months since I Blogged last?? I can - First, Mom had a wild hair and we moved to Huntsville for the winter. We lived in a kennel because there wasn't a fence. It was an awesome winter of running on the scooters and sled from the front door. We were in great shape and even had a few foster friends travel through.

Towards the end of the winter, we had a puppy join us as a foster - after a week Bowyer had become Ranger and is now my Little Brother/Wrestle Partner. He's pretty mellow (wicked smart though) even if he is a scrawny little dude. Weeellllll, I thought he was mellow - until Dad put a harness on him and he turned into the Tazmanian Devil!!! Man, can that boy run!

Ok so that get us to the end of the winter. Then we moved to Gramma Karen's house. It was only supposed to be for a few weeks until we got our new house ---- hahaha - you can see what's coming right? Ya, we were there all Summer - in the basement and again we were stuck in a kennel because the yard was unfenced. Although we found a few chances to investigate Gramma's neighborhood - But man, Mom cheats so bad by shaking a bag of treats to get us to come home quick. I'll do anything for training treats - even run back from 5 backyards away!!

In September, we moved back to our first house (why did we move again? oh ya, to run from the front yard AWESOME!) I was SO excited to get in the back yard and see all my friends - it was like we never left!!