Monday, December 28, 2009

From Mom:

Ok y'all I had to break into Daemon's little blog here and tell everyone how proud I am of him! I have never had such an obedient dog, and I grew up with Retrievers!!!

 I have had enough experience with Siberian Huskies to know that Recall is a difficult thing to train. However, with LOTS of work Lakota and Windy both had/have a beautiful recall/ down stay. Lake could be trusted  to lay all day on the front lawn. Windy however is a typical husky and has an intense prey drive that I have unfortunately reinforced  for too long instead of dispelling it early. So, in training her recalls are spot on, but in the big world she is not allowed  off leash/pager. Daemon however has the most intense recall of any dog of any breed I have ever had. He will turn on a dime and come running (full board husky style), from several hundred yards. Usually, Daemon is not more then 5-10 feet away from his people , without yowling as if he were in pain, once given a release . Last week he played happily in the front yard while Dad cleared the snowy driveway nearby. Eventually we will get a solid down stay from D, but it has taken months to get to a 5 foot distance and a 30 sec stay and it will take even longer to get through his yowling seperation anxiety.

On the flipside, his concern for his people make him an amazing nurse maid. He runs to check on me whenever I cough - literally - every time. He guards the bathroom door whenever someone is ill, and he snuggles up with anyone shivering from a fever. He softly gives his charge kisses on the forehead to cool them and let them know it'll be ok. Windy is the gentle dog that snuggles quietly near anyone hurting, but Deamon, even in all his raucous teenage-boyish charm, is incredibly sensitive to anyone sick. I love my Velcro Dog, it truly is a super power.