Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Furrrrends

Spring is here in Utah, so that means on weekends we get to go snowshoeing in the mountains on Saturday and scootering at Fort Buenaventura on Sundays. It should be this way till Summer comes along in May. 

Anyway, we went out for our regular scootering activities today and got a surprise - a new friend to pull with. Sully is an All-American (Lab Aussie mix) about my size (55lbs or so). He and his mom Meredith train us at our obedience/agility club. This time, Windy and I got to do the training! Sully was attached to a scooter with Windy and Meredith rode with them. Dad and I took off down the trail and got Sully running. Windy taught him how to dig in with his hind legs and lean into his harness. (mom followed behind on foot) It didn't take long, the usual false start or two and we were OFF! It was fun for everybody cuz Windy had help and I got to run and run and run. 

When we stopped and dad was putting a scooter away, a friendly little Pug came by and hopped right up on the footboard and gave dad a kiss hello. I think she wanted to go for a ride.