Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obedience 1

So I have offically finished my second course of Obedience 1! Mom thought I did really well the first time through this summer and I even achieved my AKC STAR Puppy back then. But Mom thought we needed it one more time (she said she needed it more than me and I'm not gonna argue there!) Anyway, we took the course again just for fun and practice. Mom says I'm doing really well on everything except my "stay" and that I am a Velcro Dog and the only (not counting LooWho) Siberian Husky that has a great Recall cuz I'm so velcro - I'm not sure, but I think that means I have a Super Power!?! Pretty Cool, HUH? I'm VELCRO Dog!!!! Sounds pretty good to me! Anyway, I need to work on my stays with mom, (I stay for dad, hehehe  - don't tell mom!)  I'm really excited for my next class in January tho, cuz Mom is my teacher and it's all about harness training and pulling - my FAVORITE thing! But now it's time for our Christmas vacation and we get to train in harness the next few weeks and take a break from our weekly training.
It's My Birfday!!!! I are 1-year old!!!

I gots a Busybone (aka Junkfood!) for my b-day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

This Training Stuff

So what is this Training stuff I mentioned in the previous post - well, actually it's lots of stuff - Conformation, Obedience, Rally, CGC, even Running in Harness which I love best of all.

It all started back at my old home and they taught me to stand, never to sit and how to be ok with people patting me and checking my teeth. I learned to stack out my legs and look handsome (and my trainer now says I have a very handsome "double stack" whatever that means.) I also learned how to show in a ring and to watch my handler and stay at the right pace with out tripping and falling. Believe me this can be tough for a gangly youngster like me!

However, due to some technical difficulties my Conformation career got cut short - literally! and believe me the cutting part was no picnic. I had to wear a stupid collar for a week, I looked like a megaphone! It was NOT good for my image. Anyway, then my technical difficulties first presented is when Jane and Steve at my first home had to make the really hard decision and find me a new home. That's when Brad (aka Dad) came along and stuck me in a BIG truck and stuck me in a kennel for 2 days as we drove to his new home. He let me out whenever we stopped along the way and I got to learn all the smells in Nebraska, and Wyoming, and Utah. That's where I live now - Utah.

Anyway, not a week after getting to Utah my second career started - Obedience! At first, I really didn't get this and it went totally backwards to everything I had already learned. Sheesh, Steve spent a lot of time teaching me not to sit and all Nikki (aka Mom) wanted me to do was sit. I was totally confused! After awhile it was pretty obvious that mom and dad would give me treats for whatever they wanted me to do, regardless of whether it was the right thing to do for conformation - I'll do ANYTHING for a treat - and that's when my Obedience Career started. Soon I will catch up with my sister the Priss Miss Loo -who is now officially Windy Jun O' Angel CGC. That means she's a Canine Good Citizen and that she can do all the basic stuff and be NICE about it. Ha, I'll catch her soon! Mom says I have to learn to STAY first, apperently that means for longer than 5 seconds - doesn't she know how LONG 5 seconds is! Seriously, I could squeek binky like 30 times in 5 seconds....Windy said she had to Lay Down AND Stay!!!...for a WHOLE minute for her CGC !!! That's FOREVER!!!! Ok, maybe the girl has some skillz, but I'll still catch up soon.

Hi! I'm Daemon!

Hi there everybody, I'm Daemon (pronounced Demon) (AKA Buddy or my Full Name is Zorro of Lobolair) I'm a nearly 1 year old Siberian Husky and I live with my Mom, and my Dad...and my Furry Red-Headed older sister Windy Jun (Aka LooBug). She's five and she likes to sleep - on or under the bed, in her kennel, on the rocks in the backyard, anywhere. She's kinda prissy and just doesen't understand HOW MUCH a handsome pup my age needs to play to stay in shape! However, for as much as she gets cranky when I step on her - sheesh what's up with that anyway, its not like I MEAN to step on her, I'm just after a toy or noogies from dad, or mom's pillow - man, I like to sit on mom's pillow (shh, don't tell mom!)

Anyway, as cranky as she gets whan I chew on her leg - she ALWAYS shares her food with me. That totally rocks to have that little extra left for me, she's a pretty cool sister just for that.

Oh! Don't tell mom that Windy shares her food with me, ok?... You see, we are AFFLETES, that's what mom calls us. So, we are on a special diet just for huskies cuz we are in training and I'm not supposed to eat more than mom or dad give me. Here is a Pic of my sister and I just after training last Saturday:

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm gonna go chew on my binky now...even tho mom says its a gross old toy. She just doesn't understand that the new toys she gives me taste like rubber and that I had to WORK to dig up my trusty orange binky and it tastes like trees and grass, and dirt and the outside. Anyway, Thanks for letting me introduce myself, I'll just lay here on mom's pillow a bit and chomp my binky.