Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi! I'm Daemon!

Hi there everybody, I'm Daemon (pronounced Demon) (AKA Buddy or my Full Name is Zorro of Lobolair) I'm a nearly 1 year old Siberian Husky and I live with my Mom, and my Dad...and my Furry Red-Headed older sister Windy Jun (Aka LooBug). She's five and she likes to sleep - on or under the bed, in her kennel, on the rocks in the backyard, anywhere. She's kinda prissy and just doesen't understand HOW MUCH a handsome pup my age needs to play to stay in shape! However, for as much as she gets cranky when I step on her - sheesh what's up with that anyway, its not like I MEAN to step on her, I'm just after a toy or noogies from dad, or mom's pillow - man, I like to sit on mom's pillow (shh, don't tell mom!)

Anyway, as cranky as she gets whan I chew on her leg - she ALWAYS shares her food with me. That totally rocks to have that little extra left for me, she's a pretty cool sister just for that.

Oh! Don't tell mom that Windy shares her food with me, ok?... You see, we are AFFLETES, that's what mom calls us. So, we are on a special diet just for huskies cuz we are in training and I'm not supposed to eat more than mom or dad give me. Here is a Pic of my sister and I just after training last Saturday:

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm gonna go chew on my binky now...even tho mom says its a gross old toy. She just doesn't understand that the new toys she gives me taste like rubber and that I had to WORK to dig up my trusty orange binky and it tastes like trees and grass, and dirt and the outside. Anyway, Thanks for letting me introduce myself, I'll just lay here on mom's pillow a bit and chomp my binky.

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