Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obedience 1

So I have offically finished my second course of Obedience 1! Mom thought I did really well the first time through this summer and I even achieved my AKC STAR Puppy back then. But Mom thought we needed it one more time (she said she needed it more than me and I'm not gonna argue there!) Anyway, we took the course again just for fun and practice. Mom says I'm doing really well on everything except my "stay" and that I am a Velcro Dog and the only (not counting LooWho) Siberian Husky that has a great Recall cuz I'm so velcro - I'm not sure, but I think that means I have a Super Power!?! Pretty Cool, HUH? I'm VELCRO Dog!!!! Sounds pretty good to me! Anyway, I need to work on my stays with mom, (I stay for dad, hehehe  - don't tell mom!)  I'm really excited for my next class in January tho, cuz Mom is my teacher and it's all about harness training and pulling - my FAVORITE thing! But now it's time for our Christmas vacation and we get to train in harness the next few weeks and take a break from our weekly training.

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