Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Words

I learned'd new words today...Dad's been saying it to me for a few days and I finally got my lips and tongue around it today. Why Wooovve Woooo, Why Woove Wooooo, Why Wove you, I  wove you. I love you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Rude!

So, Mom and Dad took us skiiing on Sunday morning and I was SO excited. We got fresh snow and clean air so it was supposed to be AWESOME. I recently had another growth spurt and so Dad has been debating on which harness to use on me and he choose the one that's a little too big for me. I don't like's not padded, it smells like labrador and it's pinchy and scratchy...whenever they use this harness on me I try to run away or I get very loud about having it on. Plus it's RED!  Mom says I pout - how rude! Anyway, Mom and Dad packed us up and we rode up there. Well, once we got to Snow Basin, I could see TONS of friends to play with and run around with. But MOM had to go and get teh car stuck in a ditch so Loo and I had to wait in the car while they got towed out...How Rude! By this time I was itchin to get out of the car and get running, and when they let me out I was so excited I kept getting tied up in my pull line. Mom and Windy were ready to go (mom had both of us since dad is a beginner skier) and I was all backwards in my line. I was telling Windy Loo that she had better wait for me to get unstuck and that my harness sucked and that she was being to bossy! So what does Windy do - She GROWLED and me and took off running! I was facing mom for a couple hundred yards before I got untangled and could join in the run. She just took off running! Can you believe her! And Mom was laughing the WHOLE TIME! HOW RUDE! Anyway, once I got untagled and could run properly, I took off...and mom face planted in the snow! It was SO Funny!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My cousin Stitches came to visit us all weekend. She's a tuff little pitt bull that's about 14 weeks old. but she is FEARLESS! She's a tiny little thing (compared to me) at about 20lbs, but she was ready to PLAY!!! And we played and played and played and slept and played and played and ate and played. I don't get to play much cuz Windy Loo is such a stick in the mud and just likes to sleep most of the time. I can usually get her to play hop-on-pop for about a half hour in the mornings but thats about it - but once dad gets tired of it and puts us outside she goes back to bed in her kennel. She's so LAZY, but she's old so I guess that's what happens to older dogs. Well, Stitches just wanted to keep playing and so I did. Now that she went home yesterday...I've been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


DUDE!!!! Mom and Dad got my FAVORITE treat the other day - and they didn't even know it! It's about the size of a bone and yellow and kinda squishy when you get it out of its shell. But Man O Man that squishy is SO yummy. I can smell them up on the counter and I KNOW when dad is trying to sneek one and not share (I can hear it being torn off the bunch you guys, I'm not deaf!) Anyway, as soon as I hear that rip, I am on point. I gotta have some, and if I dared jump up on the counter I'd steal the whole bunch. But that's not gonna happen, I get way more treats for doing my tricks and I'd not get any if I were a counter cruiser like Windy. OOOH but these treats make me bananas! I just love BANANAS!!!!