Wednesday, January 6, 2010


DUDE!!!! Mom and Dad got my FAVORITE treat the other day - and they didn't even know it! It's about the size of a bone and yellow and kinda squishy when you get it out of its shell. But Man O Man that squishy is SO yummy. I can smell them up on the counter and I KNOW when dad is trying to sneek one and not share (I can hear it being torn off the bunch you guys, I'm not deaf!) Anyway, as soon as I hear that rip, I am on point. I gotta have some, and if I dared jump up on the counter I'd steal the whole bunch. But that's not gonna happen, I get way more treats for doing my tricks and I'd not get any if I were a counter cruiser like Windy. OOOH but these treats make me bananas! I just love BANANAS!!!!


  1. Daemon,
    you are a crazy dog, but at least you're crazy in a healthy way! :)
    Aunt Jujee

  2. Do I need to tell your mom that you tattled on your sister?

  3. Love you Daemon and be a good boy