Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My cousin Stitches came to visit us all weekend. She's a tuff little pitt bull that's about 14 weeks old. but she is FEARLESS! She's a tiny little thing (compared to me) at about 20lbs, but she was ready to PLAY!!! And we played and played and played and slept and played and played and ate and played. I don't get to play much cuz Windy Loo is such a stick in the mud and just likes to sleep most of the time. I can usually get her to play hop-on-pop for about a half hour in the mornings but thats about it - but once dad gets tired of it and puts us outside she goes back to bed in her kennel. She's so LAZY, but she's old so I guess that's what happens to older dogs. Well, Stitches just wanted to keep playing and so I did. Now that she went home yesterday...I've been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.


  1. Is your cous going to go to puppy class in march?

  2. Daemon I am sure glad your cousin came to play with you. Your sis sounds just like your Mommy.
    Kind of lazy.