Thursday, October 25, 2012


We had a bit of a ThunderSnow last night and at 3 am Daemon was trying to climb into or under my pillow to get away from it. On went the Thundershirt, he felt better and went right outside into a bout of thunder and lightning - and was instantly back inside trying to dig a hole through the bed. Lotta good that did. An hour of panic panting later he finally laid down and let everyone go back to sleep. Big Baby!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Vortex

So for the past year, life around here had been pretty normal. Get up, put my ball on dads face until he plays fetch with me, run and play in the back yard, eat breakfast, run some more, chase my cousin Stitch that comes to play most days, chew my ball, sleep all afternoon, scream for my dinner, play fetch with dad some more. go to bed, steal all of the blankets from mom and then steal her pillow too. Get up do it again. You know, the usual. 

We do that for 6 days in a row then it's time to get in the Truck and GO FOR A RIDE.  at the end of the ride it smells like mountains and cold air and dirt trails, and dead leaves and pine trees and water/snow. and then we RUN. 

Week after week - normal routine, nothing to complain about - plenty of time and space to run and play - UNTIL YESTERDAY! Que (Dun) (Dun) (Dun) music. Ranger, now 18 months old did something I have NEVER SEEN a dog do! (Sidebar: Ranger is a dog, I the D-man, is a Peeple, just so we have that straight.) Anyway - the amazing event included our regular chase session with the neighbor dog K-C across the fence. Ranger jumps up and barks over the fence from time to time...this time when he jumped up...HE DIDN'T COME DOWN ON OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE! He was on KC's side of the fence. 
Ranger resting

In a Post Event interview - Ranger insisted it was VERY SCARY on that side, he tried to get back but couldn't climb the fence as dogs don't know how to do that sort of thing. He followed the fence around a small gate and found something he KNEW was just right - he knew that on the other side of the dog door was his bed and everything was gonna be ok! But it turned out to be the Neighbor's house - the one that give us all the treats at the fence - and she saved me by finding Papa. Papa carried me home and then we were put in our dog run for the day. 
The Cage

Well there you have it - Post-Event scariness here at home is that we are all safely in the run cage for the day, and hopefully Mom and Papa will fix the very scary Vortex that made ranger go to the "other side" yesterday.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yo! Where's the Snow??

Seriously?? Mid-January and NO SNOW!!! We haven't run the sled ONCE this Winter. C'mon SNOW! - Well at least my cousin Angle Stitches is here to play this week. I'll just go steal her and Rangers toys until they cry uncle.