Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keepin' up

Hi Ya'll!

Things around our house have been very busy lately...Urban Mushing Class, and Rally class and running and running whenever we can convince (either with puppy dog eyes or traditional husky yowling) mom and/or dad to go scootering with us. Even though they are busy with their New Business or Graduating from School, or Being Sick (which mom is a lot lately) they always make time to take us running.  

Now that spring is here we go out for a long run at least once a week as long as it's not pouring rain like it has been for weeks! We went out with Dad on Monday and he had a surprise for us - a new line for all three of us mutts to run and have a real lead. Windy, Os and I all took a turn in front. It was fun with Os in front - Like a real Team. Then it was Windy's turn and she's so little that Os and I just scooped her up and pushed her along. Then it was MY turn. I was so excited I just took off and drug everyone along with me. Os and Windy didn't even have to pull, I'm big enough to pull both of them, dad and the scooter all by myself! It was a fun fun run! (Jane - Yes he's the biggest of the 3 dogs by far, 58  lbs now! He's 23.5 in at the withers and 27 in long. He is JJ from ears to toes, but from the ears forward he is all Abby ;), he's got 10 lbs on Os and 20 on Windy. Daemon may be big but he's got tons of endurance.) 

We are training in Rally - Me with Dad and Windy Loo with Mom. We are doing really well and hope to start competing by the end of the summer. Mom thinks Rally is Obedience for Sibes, cuz we never know whats coming next and it keeps us interested. Mostly though, I get liver treats and dehydrated peaches so, it really doesn't matter what's next ;).  We are also being the Demo Dogs for mom and dad's second Urban Mushing Class and now have other dogs to run and scooter with. It's really exciting to be the lead on a trail with 4 scooters and 6 other dogs behind you. We get a lot of stare's and "that's so awesome's" but nothing beats the freedom to RUN!

Our Foster brother Osmar is still here with us and Mom is still looking for a forever home for him, though he fits in just fine here. He doesn't try to eat my food or play with my toys so I figure he's a pretty good guy. He is way mellow and just hangs out in the yard watching kids and birds  most of the day with Windy, while I guard the stairs for mom and dad to come home. I guess we all have our jobs.