Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer...It's been nice! Part II

OK Like I said - I  am ready to get back to Training. We got a taste of it at the Davis County Fair a couple of weeks ago. The BEST part was it was MUDDY from rain the day before. We got to pull Dad all over the Fair letting everyone know about classes at our training club, and learning to SIT when people pet us.
After our runs, Mom and Dad took us over some of the Agility toys, and then through the park. We went up to another toy that looked a lot like the Agility A-frame, and since I had just done it - I knew just what to do! I charged right up it and .... over....and INTO THE BIGGEST POOL I HAD EVER SEEN! I Paniked and jumped right out over the side! NOT FUNNY DAD! I was wet all over...eeeww!

So it turns out this was the training pool for Splash Dogs (Dock Jumping - ) and Dad was just trying to cool me off. But apperently Retrievers chase their toys into the water - FOR FUN! They must be crazy! I wasn't going anywhere near any more "pools." - though mom has promised she'll take me to the lake and teach me to swim properly. 

The next day we did more of the urban-mushing demos and then (to make up for the dunking) Dad took me to do the COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!! Lure coursing.

No, no, you heard me right - lure coursing - the stuff they do with Jack Russels and other small rat terriers. But the group that does it here sets it up like an Agility course with a foxtail that we chase around the course.  MAN OH MAN I WANT THAT FOXTAIL! GOTTA GET IT GOTTA GET IT! I took off and 18 seconds later I was done - I didn't even miss a tunnel! Wow was that fun! Can't wait to go again!  I'd post a picture, but the video is SO much more interesting. Check it out here:


  1. Sounds like your fair had a lot for the fur kids to do. That coursealure sounds like something that would go over big around here too.

  2. I was shocked at how much D loved it. I was sure it would be Windy we had to tear away from the course, but she was pretty uninterested in anything that day except pulling Brad around the arena. D was a terror though - I can't wait to get him out on it again. This week is a new adventure though - our very very first Rally competition. I'm really nervous for my part. and as long as I don't have many stay's D will do awesome. :)