Friday, September 24, 2010

Hank Goes Away

I am sorry to report that Hank and Daemon did not get along, and Arctic Breeds Rescue was kind enough to take him back as a foster. Hank and Daemon's mild seperation anxiety and food guarding were exacerbated in each other's insecurities. There was a scuffle and and ER visit, but I'm happy to report all are just fine. Daemon and Hank are now both under going some re-training in seperate locations.  Additionally, in D's case he is a spoiled brat and getting a 'de-punking' - as in he has to earn everything, his toy, his treats, his fetch time, his place on the bed, etc. D is a fairly obedient dog - and an exceptionally well behaved Sibe so he has gotten away with quite a bit the past 6 months, and I have to say I have enjoyed being lazy with him and Windy. However...that's over and time for everyone to get back to work and earn our keep! After that...we will look at fostering again.

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  1. Ah yes siberians can be very tricky. They get you believing they are being obedient and really they are just training you. In D's case I believe it may be a jealousy issue as he was probably not getting as much attention with Hank being there. Just my opinion. Hopefully the extra training will bring him back around.