Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Form, Fit, Function - the total package!

I read this quote on Karen Ramstead's North Wapati  Kennels Website/blog. (aka "The Pretty Sleddogs" from the Iditarod) I tried to find an author for it but all the quotes say author unknown: 

Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.

Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.

But, performance indicates what the animal actually is.

I have had Siberians for going on 15 years. I love that I can love and trust my dogs with my life and they return the favor. But until Brad got Daemon, (aka: Buddy, Chewbacca, PAW, Zorro) I did not understand the incredible POWER of these SMALL dogs and the patience and care that must go into proper breeding of a dog to keep it's performance at the level that their work requires. I am no stranger to training dogs, and the effort required to train a Northern Breed in obedience, house manners as well as their 'chosen profession.'

 But,  I am baffled by the breeding process and have no desire to try to learn it. It's amazing that someone can see that this fearless little ball of fluff will turn into this Sweet Strong Handsome Gentleman:

Daemon: 8 weeks

 7 months

                  18 months - full grown 56 lbs/23.5 height

However, I am completely thankful and awed by the responsible caring Siberian breeders that I know and rely on to keep the future of these dogs sound. To Jane at Lobolair for allowing us to parent  the most amazing Siberian I've ever known - Daemon/Buddy - even if he does fetch (off leash!) :) To Of the Midnight Sun and Kczar for keeping the Monadanock strength going. For Kaylenberg for answering all my questions and keeping all three Siberian lines going (Show, Seppala Sleddog, and Racing). And of Course to North Wapati for being my newest source of information and Sibe comedy on your blog. 

Here are a few more showing Daemon's size and strength - 

Compared to an Average sized Alaskan Husky - and Dad -  D alone pulls him at an average 6-8mph on the scooter for short runs and 4-6mph for longer runs. I weigh under a buck 50 and D pulls me at close to 10mph!  One Dog!!!  
Compared to Windy - an average sized but somewhat lanky female. D's tailbase is above her back.  Oh! and check out the size of his hamstrings!  As soon as I get a video of his powerful lope I'll post it!

Here is one of him after he pulled me and Windy over 6 miles. On runs where Brad would take all three dogs out with D in lead - he will pull everyone at his pace for as long as u leave him in lead - Brad, the scooter, Windy and Os together weigh about 350 lbs.  350lbs moving 10 -12mph (3 dog power) - makes us awfully thankful for good brakes too!


  1. Aw Nikki this is just a wonderful post. It is so nice to see that someone that gets one of our siberian husky puppies realizes what a wonderful breed they are. Thanks so much for loving our boy. AKA Daemon, Buddy, Zorro or whatever his name is at the moment!! Jane

  2. Thanks Jane! as a "sibe person" I love the breed. But as we get to know D-man more and more, I realize how special he is and how lucky Brad and I are to have him.