Saturday, February 13, 2010


When Daemon came home with Brad at 43 lbs at 7 months, I was sure he was going to be HUGE...I had in my head a 75 lb Mini Mal-a-mutt! All Brawn and no Brains. Even though I know Sibes don't get over about 60-65lbs....and are always smarter than me.

D-man is no exception to the standard, Even though he is going to make a great Wheel Dog. y'see, we had D measured the other day. He's 23.5 inches tall at the shoulder, the top end of right where he should be. And he weighed 54lbs at the vet. In all he's "a good size dog" as the breeder would say, and not the huge monster dog I was afraid he'd be. Granted the AKC height and weight standard for sibes doesn't take into account that he is nearly 5 ft long from nose to tail base, and can stand up, put his paws on my shoulders and kiss my face.


  1. Way to go Daemon. I knew you were a perfect siberian. You see even though he is at the top he fits the standard. Both his Daddy and Mommy were at the top of the standard so you can see why he couldn't help but be big. I met a step brother to Daemon at Denver who is 6 months old and boy is he going to be a big boy.
    Keep on being good for your Mom and Dad.

  2. He is indeed a perfect Siberian! He's gorgeous, strong and yet still compact. Everything he should be as far as the standard goes. Except for the "aloof" part...he's not at all aloof. He's just a goof! He loves people and being with people and he just has a goofy sunny disposition that is a nice counterpoint to some of the more mischievous Sibe antics that I am used to. :)

  3. That aloof part I don't quite understand. I know it says that in the standard but hardly any of mine display this characteristic. Daemon was definitely more people friendly than some so it sounds like he hasn't changed much. Did you get snow out there? If you didn't we can probably ship some to you.

  4. oh yes we have plenty of snow. lol. As far as aloof goes my 2 are complete opposites: Windy is and D isn't. Windy is fully part of the family, but prefers to watch kitchen activities from the hallway (D is glued to my leg). So, maybe that's what they mean by aloof? I have never met a sibe that didn't want to be part of the family, so I'm not so sure about it as a breed standard, but it's there so oh, well.